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Jul 19, 2009 By: MizumoMusic @
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Space Ibiza Mini Festival @Studio
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
A Cosmic Funk Odyssey 2018 @ S...
@ Spin Nightclub in San Diego
Wednesday Jun, 27th
Hot 100 with DJ Shift @ Wet Re...
@ Wet Republic in Las Vegas
Friday Jun, 22nd
@ Bassmnt in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 16th

Mizumo Music, established in 2005, is a record label based out of San Francisco with an international roster and a universal appeal. We specialize in various forms of house and techno music.

Our mission is to provide consistent quality music for you, the listener.

March 2009 News
Hey hey! Well after 3+ years and over 20 successful releases, we have finally decided it's time (or perhaps, we're past due) for a record release party! We're bringing the one and only Angel Alanis out from Chicago for this one... mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25th.  Please visit for more info and for $5 presales!


MIZ001 - Raoul Zerna "Inside the Grooves" + Remixes by Filter Freq & Felipe Avelar, DJ Denise

MIZ002 - Groove Man "Make Me Feel So Good" + Remixes by Mike Balance, DJ Denise

MIZ002D - Digital-exclusive remixes by Thee-O, Deckster, Beatmaker

MIZ003 - The Funk Monkeys "Disco Dancer/Beat My Puppet"

MIZ003D - Digital-exclusive remixes by DJ Kue and DJ Denise

MIZ004 - DJ Rage "Busterfreak" (Includes Original + Terror Remix)

MIZ004D - Digital-exclusive remixes by Ricardo Reyna, DJ Denise

MIZ005 - DRC & DJ Denise "Get Off Ur..." + Calvertron Remix

MIZ006 - "Get Off Ur..." The Remixes including DJ Kue Remix, Demetras Remix

MIZ007 - DJ Denise "Just Say Yes" + Remixes by Jeff T, Ross.FM

MIZ008 - Homero Espinosa & DJ Denise - Bridging The Gap EP (3 tracks)

MIZ008D - Homero Espinosa & DJ Denise - Bridging The Gap EP 2008-2009 Remixes by Votchik, Patrick L, Felipe Avelar, StarSteady, DJ Denise & Elz, Steven de Blanche, MA_P Klangstruktur Ost, Damolh33

MIZ009 - Angel Alanis - "Too Bad So Sad" + Remix by Sharooz

MIZ09D - Angel Alanis "Too Bad So Sad" The Remixes by Ferdinand und Kaufmann, Schwab N Legz, DJ Denise, Schwab

MIZ010 - DJ Denise "Funtime" + Remixes by DJ Rage, Deckster, John Michaels, Jahvelle

MIZ011 - Electrobank "Santa Claustrophobia E.P." (2 tracks)

MIZ012 - DJ Denise "What's That Sound?" (Original + Harder Faster Mix)

MIZ013 - DJ Denise "What's That Sound?" The Remixes by Pette Vaydex, Vortechtral, Mr. Vinyl

MIZ014 - DJ Kue "Get It" + Remix by StarSteady

MIZ015 - DJ Kue "Get It" Remixed by Vinjay, Schwab N Legz

MIZ016 - Pette Vaydex "Pette from the Street" + Remixes by Aoo&ooA, Diovanni

MIZ017 - Pette Vaydex "Pette from the Street" The Remixes by Fernando Ortega, Tinge, Deckster, Tommie LeRaunch

MIZ018 - Sunder Skillz "Toad People E.P." (3 tracks)

MIZ019 - Beatmaker "Big B" + Remixes by DJ Exodus & Jared D, DJ Ellroy, Tintura

MIZ020 - Electrobank "Santa Claustrophobia" The Remixes by Z-Listers, Jeff Doubleu, Converge, 5-Meo

MIZ021 - Electrobank "Lava" The Remixes by Fafaleroi, DRC + DJ Denise, Electrobank, Tinge, 5-Meo

MIZ022 - IceZoneProject "IceZoneProject EP" (3 tracks)

MIZ023 - Martin Stork "Medalion E.P" Includes Original Mixes plus remixes by Musicbump, Art of Hot

MIZ024 - Thee-O and Merlyn Martin "Smack Attack" + Remixes by Angel Alanis, Moog Conspiracy, Brian Knarfield, Art of Hot, Schwab