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Whether you mistakenly, got here or was force to come here by default, I’m Glad to have you stop by. Meaning “Me”, MiZz JaCkiE A.K.A. [Shawty] is glad your here.

I’m Juz your ordinary girl who lives life 2 the fullest and have my random momentz lolz. Diego Is My Home. I’m Happily Taken By My Love Blake As Of 09/09/09 His B-Day What A Great Day :)Im Happy We Are Official We Work Through Everything We've Been Through A Lot But Hey Everything Happens For A Reason I Love Him and We Are Growing Day By Day Living Life Doin Crazy Shit N Just Being Loving To One Another and Supporting Each Other On A Daily Basis So sorry guyz can’t holla I’m taken buh thnx 4 da nice complimentz ^_^ I love my Fam Bam and my other fam bam dat I met last yr. and makin new friends to share my ideas, thoughts, and opinion with... *looks out to the emptiness* umm... you great people out there. I’m also, a basketball player so if u wanna ball bring ya game, and I SING and MODEL lolz yes I said Sing and Model. I’m shy wen asked to sing sumtymez but eventually sum of u lucky ppl get ta hear a lil somn somn lolz but it’s diff. wen I’m by myself ^_^,and I did sing in a choir.I Also Love Dancing...when performin wit da step/dance team i love dancin my ass off specially on da dance floor ^_^. I LOVE Import Cars and goin ta da showzn i also like 2 Party N Throw Functionz Wit Da Fam and I Love Wen Meeh N Da Friendz Have Denny’z Nyt lolz N Yes I Do Play Video Gamez Haha Dont Matter Sportz,Halo Wateva lolz dont hate.I Also Believe life iz full of obstaclez and that itz our job to get thru em.

I apologize for the lack of dirty pictures, dating services, and body shots. No Hoopz or any other models here. It’s just Me, Myself and I. *crickets chirping*

So go ahead, Take a walk on my page!