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Tin Fish Thursdays June 3, 2010 Gallery

Jun 4, 2010 By: Gryphon Photography & Event Planning, LLC @
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Detailed Info
Company Overview:
Welcome To Gryphon Photography & Event Planning, LLC

Please feel free to look around our
FB website and contact us with any questions
you might have.

We are willing to travel to photograph your event.

If you are looking for Professional Photography at a
price everyone can afford, you have come to the right

Contact Donald @ (734) 812-4710
Become a fan of Gryphon Photography & Event Planning, LLC on Facebook
Gryphon Photography & Event Planning, LLC is a new event photographer/event coordinator in the Metro Detroit area.

We do things a little bit differently. Our main difference is we don't hold your photo's hostage. With every session/event, we charge a session/event fee to cover our costs and then you will have the option to purchase reasonably priced professional prints and/or cd with your session photos.

You paid for the pictures to be taken, Why should you pay your photographer again to order more pictures? While our prices are introductory and are subject to change, we will always be the most reasonable and give you the most and best quality for your money!

The 3 Hour Event:
3 Hours of Coverage with one photographer
1 CD and Print Release
1 11x14 collage print

$550 Tax Included

You can Add a 2nd Photographer for Candid's for Only $75

The 5 Hour Event:
5 Hours of Coverage with one photographer
1 CD and Print Release
5 x 7 20 Page Soft Cover Album

$900 Tax Included

You can Add a 2nd Photographer for Candid's for Only $75

The 7 Hour Event:
7 Hours of Coverage with one photographer
3 CD's and Print Release
5 x 7 20 Page Soft Cover Album

$1100 Tax Included

You can Add a 2nd Photographer for Candid's for Only $100

The All Event Wedding:

From the time you arrive at the church until all major reception events are done. For this package and the Supreme Package we like to have at least an hour alone for bride and groom photos together without the wedding party after all, today is about you.

3 CD sets with print rights for you to print where and when you want.
10 x 10 Custom Cover 20 page album

$1750 Tax Included

You can Add a 2nd Photographer for Candid's for Only $150

The Supreme Package:

From the time the Bride gets up, I will follow you documenting your preparations for your big day and I won't leave until all major events are done at the reception.

I have an assistant who will double as a second photographer, taking candid's of your wedding party, guests, family and decorations while we are doing other photos of you and your soon to be spouse. We also include 3 CD's with print rights for you to make 4x6 prints where and when you would like. We will include one 12 x 12 Custom Cover Album with 20 pages and two 6 x 6 parent albums. You will receive a free engagement
session and you will have the opportunity to do a 2nd Day Photography Session (up to 2 hours) at no charge.
All of this for only...

$3000 Tax Included

Add 1-3 hours to any wedding package for $100/hour
Extra disk sets for weddings $50 per set.
Print Prices Available Under Á La Carte

20% Non-Refundable Retainer due upon signing of contract.

Á La Carte Photos:

Wallets - $1.25 ea
5x7 - $6.00
8x10 - $10.00
11x14 - $25.00
More specialized items and more sizes available upon request

Event Photography other than Weddings
Nightclub, Birthday Parties, Sweet 16, Car Show, Class Reunions, Family Reunions, Engagements and more. You name it, we will be there for you!

$75/hour (2 hour min.)

Disks for Events are $250 due to the sheer volume of pictures
Payment Plans Available...

Personal Portfolio/Model Sessions:

90 Minute personalized indoor and/or outdoor session.
No limit on clothing changes within the 90 minutes.
Friends, family and pets welcome!

$65 Session Fee
$35 per additional 30 mins.
Purchase a CD for additional fee with unlimited print rights.