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Global Evolution
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From: Phoenix AZ
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Established in 2007, Global Evolution L.L.C. (GLEVO) was conceived by David Valdez. After wrapping up his performance tour of China, he realized the need for a large scale international management and event promotion company catering specifically to dance music in China. Uninterested in creating another run of the mill promotion company, he began to develop something new and different. His idea was simple:

“To establish a united cultural awareness through the promotion of music and artistic development.”

In late 2006 he teamed up with co-founder Jeremiah Taylor, and began work on what would become a quickly growing, and competitive company. Beyond simply promoting events and managing artists, the company prides itself in working with artists and events that are socially conscious. They strive to encourage the development of new ideas through the endorsement of music programs lending themselves to the advancement of social and environmental responsibility.

As a company, GLEVO offers a variety of services ranging from internationally managing dance music DJs, artists, and producers to full on production and execution of dance music events. Unwilling to sacrifice quality under any circumstance, GLEVO insists on working with only with the best production teams and highest quality crews. In an effort to further increase the quality of and streamline their events, GLEVO scripts all productions, and runs through multiple training sessions with participating crews prior to each event.

Yet another staple of GLEVO's dedication to quality is its selection and treatment of its artists. Believing that a performance is only as good as the artist performing, GLEVO makes every effort to keep its artists happy and conditioned. As a service to its artists, and its dedication to quality, GLEVO places each artist through a rigorous series of image consultations in order to keep ahead of trends and increase performance quality and marketability. Taking quality one step further, GLEVO encourages its artists to participate in the provided cultural training sessions further aiding artists in understanding their international audience as well as assisting in establishing long term audience relationships.

If quality is GLEVO's backbone, their marketing strategy is the muscle. After nearly two years of in depth research, GLEVO has developed a strong multifaceted marketing strategy that combines traditional aspects of marketing with a more personalized approach. With both the short and long term in mind, GLEVO's marketing team works with many age groups, social classes, and cultures to ensure the most efficient and impacting market penetration. Additionally, GLEVO places great emphasis on the power of youth markets, developing young artists, and working to create a long term, sustainable client and customer base.