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DJ Spyder
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Phoenix AZ
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About me:


DJ SPYDER and DJ JARED live at AREA in PHOENIX feb 2008

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Trance Energy 2002 - Hardstyle

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Spyder's musical career started at the tender age of 13 years old in NY.  Having been raised on classic rock and disco, Spyder was always looking to continuously expand his musical boundaries.  Having befriended a schoolmate who was into heavier music such as SOD, Agnostic Front, and Slayer, Spyder was hooked on extreme music.  It wasn't until the winter in early 1989 that Spyder attended his first "Techno" party in which 808 State played along with Frankie Bones and the legendary Kraftwerk.  Coming from an upbringing of Disco, Spyder was also now hooked on the sound of Electronica.  Spyder was also fortunate enough to have a neighbor who owned a sound company and allowed Spyder and friends to help him when hip hop shows would come to town.  While working with acts like Public Enemy, 3rd Bass and Tribe Called Quest, Spyder was really bitten by the bug to become a bigger player in the production of live shows and parties.

After securing his first club gig doing lighting in 1991, Spyder chose to move west to Tucson Arizona to continue his life in the desert.  After becoming a hardcore concert goer and attending parties, Spyder decided to get back in the game by hitting the road with Life Of Agony out of NY.  During the tour, Spyder had a chance to work with other bands such as Carcass, Type O Negative, Dog Eat Dog, Obituary, and Monster Voodoo Machine to name a few.  Touring was exactly what Spyder needed to make the move and go back into lighting as well as pursuing an engineering degree.

With the completion of his Bachelors degree in Phoenix, Spyder settled in Scottsdale where he has worked in numerous nightclubs, bars, and parties as well as helping to construct numerous nightclubs in town.  After years of party production and concert promotions, Spyder has dedicated himself full time to the art of DJing.  But don't think that Spyder has slowed down, as 2008 will feature parties such as Inferno, Flesh, Paradox, Machine and the infamous Fixation!  Spyder never seems to rest.

Throughout the years, Spyder has been a promoter, dj, lighting tech, sound engineer and radio personality.   Spyder has been involved in the music business for over 21 years and it's his true passion.  You can catch Spyder spinning anything from House to Trance to Techno to 80's Retro to Industrial to Darkwave to Heavy Metal to Punk to New Wave to Progressive.  As long as it rocks, Spyder will play it.  

Spyders studio currently consists of: 2 Technics 1200MK3's, 2 CDJ800MK2's, 1 Pioneer 800 mixer, 1 Denon DN-D4000 dual MP3 player, 2 Furman M-8D, 2 new Mackie SRM450's, 1 JBL Eon10 and plenty of music to rock any party!  Spyder is currently the Promoter, Production Manager and DJ for Fascination/Paradox, Inferno, Flesh, and his newest creation, Machine. Spyder was the resident DJ for Horns & Halos & AZ Fetish Balls in 2007, as well as the music coordinator for Club Mistress.  Nowadays, you can find Spyder helping with the operation of Arizona's newest event space, AREA Phoenix!  Versatility has always been one of Spyders strongest assets and has proven and invaluable tool in his ever growing success in the music business.

Check out Spyder's schedule above for his upcoming performances and be sure to click on the banners below to get more information on Spyders sponsors.


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