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A team of dedicated professionals within the beverage industry set out to raise the bar by creating the ultimate energy drink. With energy drinks currently saturating the beverage market place, this would be a challenging task, since this new energy drink would have to meet the following strict criteria :

* Great flavor
* Same immediate 'boost' found in most energy drinks
* Sustainable energy, not just a short burst
* No added caffeine
* No sugar
* No carbs
* No calories
* No after-taste like with most energy drinks
* No 'sudden drop' later on
* Vitamins and minerals added for health-conscious lifestyles
* Only natural additives in a superior formula

With school systems across America banning traditional soda and energy drinks because of adverse side effects and unhealthy additives, the team experimented with hundreds of variations of natural additives to finally obtain incredible effects and taste, but without the negative side effects.

The team interviewed people from all walks of life! They paid close attention to those individuals that currently depend upon energy drinks for performance. The input was carefully calculated so they could create the ultimate energy drink. Some of those consulted included U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Navy SEALS, Delta Force members, Airborne troops, college students, professional bartenders, doctors, nurses, beverage consultants, engineers, sales professionals, investors, construction workers, computer technicians, truck drivers, pilots, insurance brokers, entertainers, actors, professional athletes, models, investment bankers, secretaries, pastors, housewives and even average people on the street.

The outcome of this intense research and development has resulted in producing the ultimate energy drink . . . BOINK ENERGY!