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Oct 12, 2012 By: Babygrl48002 @
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Latest Event Photos

Hip Hop Chic @ Cirque le Soir ...
in San Diego
Wednesday Jul, 18th
David Guetta @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Tomorrowland @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
DYSTOPIA @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
Hot 100 with DJ Shift @ Wet Re...
@ Wet Republic in Las Vegas
Friday Jun, 22nd


  • 24 Yr old college student
  • Like to party (not all the time)
  • Love to meet cool interesting fun exciting ppl!
  • Love music that makes me wanna get up and move (shock value 2 is my fav this week)
  • My fav places to show my moves are MYST, PCL, DP, Martini Ranch, Axis/Radius,Jack Rabbit,Suede, that's just in old town
  • My fav places to mingle in tempe are Zuma ( I really do love that bar), Tavern, Cherry, Rula Bula, The big bang, Dos Gringos...
  • Like to laugh @ everything
  • I like adventure and being spontaneous
  • # 1 I LOVE SHOPPING shoes are a must have specially sexxi ones!
  • Very family oriented
  • Love HBO if you don't have it go get it! True blood, entourage, Hung, Bored to death, Curb your enthusiasm, are great shows...
  • I like to have fun, try different things
  • My fav drink of the month is Chardonay (white wine)
  • I love fancy resturants 2 of my favs are Ocean Club, and Capital Grille.

My Goals

  • To hurry up and finish school
  • Become the richest person I know
  • Inspire people to be and do better
  • Go to the gym and workout
  • Read more books/novels
  • Pay my car off soon!

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