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Modeling, Dancing, Entertainment period is def. some of my passions out of MANY! If Im good at something I go for it and hope it will get me through the right doors. Nothing is bigger to me than being happy and being finacially stable! I have been modeling for a little over 3 years off and on and always am compesated for it somehow/never free. My image is important to me and so is my work! I can dance whenever and def know how! haha. Currently Im looking to do GOGO dancing, so if needed! I can dance my ass off :) Im very professional when need be, but can be fun and out going at the same time. I love meeting new faces and helping others too, im quite friendly. Very sassy and have a great sense of humor! I love learning new things and being put to the challenge. Life is short so I do try to enjoy it as much as I can. I hope to go to beauty school within next year and get my liscense for hair and makeup considering I have many friends that come to me for those things. One of my goals!! I have many of them and love to keep them coming...If you want to know more or certain things about me please feel free to write! XOXO

SpeshulKween/ Ashle